PLDT, Smart with new cell site reached DL speed 222Mbps

Chairman of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) Manny Pangilinan posted in his twitter account that their new cell sites in Smart registered download speed up to 222mbps.

“Our first 700 megahertz base station up tonight. At Tanay. More to come soon,” PLDT CEO Pangilinan said in his official Twitter account.

Another tweet of Manny Pangilinan said their cell site in Davao internet speed reached up to 101mbps.

“Our 2nd 700 MHz cell site up already! In Davao City at Ecoland, Matina. Download speed 101 Mbps. More to come.”he said.

Follwed by another tweet, he said that their 3rd lauched cell site in Manggahan, Pasig LTE 700 download speed registered 101.31 Mbps.

Manny Pangilinan stated that their first cell site in Tanay, Rizal with 700Mhz registered 222mbps download speed.

PLDT and Smart Chief Technology and Information Advisor Joachim Horn said in his email, “Our strategy has two legs. First is the network. Deploying LTE on 700 MHZ combines a powerful frequency with the most advanced mobile phone technology.”

“Second are the devices. We have been holding discussions with device manufacturers so that more affordable LTE smartphones and tablets using the 700 MHz spectrum will soon be available in the country,” 
Joachim Horn said.

“This technology will help address the increasing demand for LTE and high-speed mobile data,” he added.

PLDT Pangilinan said in his post that they are not threaten with the competitors but it is doing good as well.

Read the tweets of Manny V. Pangilinan 

Smart telecom plans to build more than 200 site nationwide by year end.  

 Philippines ranked 176th out of 202 countries worldwide in terms of internet speed. In Asia, Singapore has the fastest internet speed.

How Asian countries fared in Ookla’s household speed index 
1. Singapore – 122.43 Mbps
2. Hong Kong – 102.96 Mbps
3. Japan – 82.12 Mbps
4. South Korea – 59.77 Mbps
5. Macau – 50.66 Mbps
6. Taiwan – 50.59 Mbps
7. Thailand – 19.82 Mbps
8. Mongolia – 17.92 Mbps
9. Vietnam – 17.70 Mbps
10. Bangladesh – 9.86 Mbps
11. Cambodia 9.04 Mbps
12. Nepal 8.63 Mbps
13. Brunei 7.99 Mbps
14. Bhutan – 7.82 Mbps
15. India 7.04 Mbps
16. Malaysia 7.03 Mbps
17. Laos 6.92 Mbps
18. Indonesia 6.68 Mbps
19. Myanmar 6.54 Mbps
20. Pakistan 4.00 Mbps
21. Philippines – 3.64 Mbps
22. Afghanistan – 2.52 Mbps

Internet speed of our country might be good, we'll see.
Maybe Philippines will be on top rank that has fastest internet speed in Asia.

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