PH will be next cleanest countries in the world, No Littering, Violators to be arrested

After winning the Presidency, incoming President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will take place the Malacanang this coming June 30.

But before Duterte officially pronounce, but he has now a huge effect to the people. The policemen was aggressive in suppressing illegal drugs in different places in the Philippines.

Aside from eradicating the illegal drugs, one netizen also noticed the changes happened in Baclaran, Paranaque City. Baclaran in known to be unclean and polluted with different substance. But like the slogan of President Duterte that 'change is coming', well they also made Baclaran now a cleanest place.

They are now implementing a violation in Baclaran. Whoever violates the no littering policy and caught in the act will fined P500. 
The illegal vendors, illegal parkers and some establishment was also removed to the road.

Many people was very glad for the positive approach of the incoming Duterte administration. The community is becoming more aware and discipline to their environment.
Supporters of President-elect Duterte are hoping more changes that will lead to a brighter future and laws will implement to protect the nature and making the Philippines one of the cleanest places in the world. 

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