Paolo Duterte to PNoy: 'he ran this country like dictator'

Paolo "Pulong" Duterte, vice mayor of Davao City and oldest son of Rodrigo Duterte, reacted to PNoy for insinuating  an imminent dictatorship by next administration. He said Aquino and his kin is really the dictators and they just hiding under the shadow of democracy.

“PNoy warns Filipinos of the looming dictatorship of the incoming administration saying that the Philippines does not deserve another strongman to lead the country. Remember he is an oligarch. He and his kin ran this country like it’s theirs at the expense of the marginalized and the poor. They ran it like dictators in the shadows of democracy,”Paolo Duterte said.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte affirmatively said that it is the people, the Filipinos will be the dictators and not the next administration.

“Will the next 6 years be a dictatorship? Yes. A dictatorship by the people, the ordinary Filipinos. The oppressed. We will seize this country back from the oligarchs, the powerful few. It is time. It is our time,” he said.

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