Open Letter to Cynthia Patag " We lost our freedom to complain against lousy government"

Cynthia Patag is a die hard supporter of "Daang Matuwid. She posted on her facebook account to call all pro-freedom and democracy , Anti-Communist , Anti-Marcoses, Anti-Dictatorship, Anti-Presidenteng maka-Komunista and Pro-extrajudicial killings to attend the protest this sunday, June 12, 2016 at Bantayog ng mga Bayan.

Some followers of Cynthia Patag on facebook will join the protest but some says na " wala pa akong masabing ginawa nilang mali sa ngayun, tahimik muna ako.'' In a facebook post got 851 shared and 2,200 likes.

Meanwhile, a Facebook page "Showbiz Government" caught an attention to netizen  an Open letter to Cynthia Patag

Dear Cynthia Patag,

Pro-freedom and democracy? We don't have them anymore. We lost our freedom to complain against lousy government services when the Abnoy cronies enriched themselves and complaints fell on deaf ears. We lost our freedom when the yellow cult rigged the elections in their favor. How is that democracy? Don't fall to your illusions, yellow cunt! Your palangganas will cry foul again for calling you a yellow cunt because you are!

Anti-Communist? You display typical hypocrite behavior. Wasn't Tae Rosales este Etta Rosales a communist? Didn't Abnoy's father have links to communists? His links to communists triggered Martial Law. Where were you during that era?

Anti-Marcoses and anti-Dictatorship? Tell that to the marines, yellow cunt! Abnoy's absolute control over two other co-equal branches was a display of yellow dictatorship! How come you are still blind?

Pro-extrajudicial killings? Rody Duterte has stated there will be due process but there will be death penalty to be imposed as crime deterrent. You are a yellow crab for thinking backward, yellow cunt!

Thou shalt not use the name of Thy God in vain, Cynthia!

Your yellow cult is responsible for the rampant drug networks, murders, rapes, luxurious Bilibid lifestyle and many cases of corruption. Yet you still drown yourself in your sick yellow fantasy everything is fine.
Because your favorite Presidential candidate lost, you keep eating ampalaya everyday. Eat more, Cynthia!

Fuck you,

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What can you say about this Open Letter?

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