Manny V. Pangilinan to Duterte administration " Leave Business alone"

PLDT Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan told incoming Duterte administration to leave business alone, If private projects fail, “the government will not rescue us.”

“Whose money is being spent? It’s the private sector’s. There is no guarantee from the government, no government fund is involved, so get out of the way, period,” Pangilinan said.

“If ever the huge undertaking comes out lousy, it’s the company that will suffer the impact, to the delight of its competitors, and not the government,” he said.

If private projects fail, he added, “the government will not rescue us.”

Given the stiff competition in the digital industry, Pangilinan said, “we are mindful of other guys watching us.”

“We have to be on our toes. Somebody is watching us, like a wife, to police [our] ethical standards,” he said.

Improving the digital industry’s services will take time and lots of money, he said.

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