Law expert Fr. Aquino: 'We can't allow culture of death'

According to a law expert, Fr. Ranhilio Aquino, dean of the San Beda Graduate School of Law on Sunday in dzMM, supported the "oratio imperata", an obligatory prayer of the Catholic Church for the country's leaders to shun a "culture of death" in the crackdown against crime.

He believed that through extra-judicial killings it will create 'more dangerous society.'

"Kapag naging parte ng kultura natin na pinapayagan nating may mga vigilante or even police elements who rightly or wrongly take encouragement from pronouncements of our highest officials na pwede nang gawin iyun at mapaparangalan sila kung gagawin iyun, I fear that sooner or later, we will live in a more dangerous society," Fr. Aquino said in the interview.

Fr. Aquino stated that there's no guarantee that the suspects killed are really the suspects and that it's easy to pin point or doubt but hard to reveal whose the innocent. It might be a victim, if without a due process.

"Kung basta na lang walain y'ung mga taong ganyan, how guaranteed are we that suspected drug lords, suspected peddlers are in fact drug lords and peddlers?" Aquino said.

"Madali lang namang maghinala, madali lang naman magsuspetsa. Iyung magpapatunay ang mahirap, pero kailangan para talaga walang mabiktima na walang kasalanan," he said.

Also, he said that extra-judicial killings would create more criminals by making others kill, who's still not yet proven guilty.

"Killing others before they are convicted is also a crime. It's no less a crime so don't justify your extra-legal killing of another person by saying he's a suspected criminal element. Suspected: wala pang patunay iyan," he said.

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