Five Largest PH Fraternity willing to help Duterte's administration

A United Brotherhood for People and Youth (NKBK) consisting of the five largest fraternity in the Philippines, the Alpha Kappa Rho, Alpha Phi Omega, Capazcepa, Scout Royal Brotherhood and Tau Gamma Phi is sympathetic and willing to help in the administration of our new President Elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

The purpose of NKBK is to promote peace and harmony in the brotherhood. In fact, they carry out projects that benefit the people and the youth.

It was established on June 15 2015 by Atty. Jay De Castro of TGP, Arch. Tony Dimaano of APO, Manny "Indian" SIPIN of SRB, Jose "Boy" Chua of Akrho and Engr. Ben Singanon of Capazcepa. The other partners included are Atty. Flint Cruz fraternity, Ms. Julie Ramos  of Apo, Ms. Jovelyn "Kikay" Ayan of capazcepa, Ms. Imelda "Jhomel" Salazar of SRB and Aldrin Mercader of TGP.

To unite and strengthen the organization of officers and members of various brotherhood, together they conduct projects for underprivileged young people and youth.

Last year of June 2015 in Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila, the conducted a medical mission. They rendered free services for medical, dental, eye check-up, feeding and legal services project. With the help of former Manila Councilor and now Congressman Yul Servo of SRB, where 2,000 residents of Quiapo benefited.

In August 2015, NKBK conducted their second medical mission in Barangay Maricaban, Pasay City. With the help of Pasay City Counselor Moti Arceo of TGP, benefiting 1,500 residents of Maricaban.

Not only medical, dental and legal services project helps the NKBK, but the mental awareness of its members. With important political, related to the recent presidential election, in which the importance of patriotism and nationalism of the candidates were discussed by prominent jurist, Dean Amado Valdez UE College of Law, at a symposium facilitated by NKBK at the National Press Club.

To commemorate the first anniversary of NKBK, the third medical mission was in Barangay 576, Zone 56, Sampaloc, District IV, Manila.

To further help the project, the organization decided to distribute footwear, pencil and paper to students. They also gave anti-rabies vaccination, blood donation and job fair for those who want to work. The project is called "“PAKIKIISA SA BAGONG HALAL NA PANGULO-MAYOR RODY DUTERTE." [Solidarity with the new elected President]

As proof of consent and support of the administration NKBK to our new President. It is important to overcome the administration of President- elect Duterte for the development of our country and the future of our people, especially the youth, the children.

The entire leadership of NKBK and members of the brotherhood include the participation of all of us in the leadership of our newly elected President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. 

In this regard, we should think that all of us form the Republic of the Philippines. The elected President is just one of us. His leadership in the transformation of our country will only happen if all of us unite and initiate change. Change will only happen if we apply it first to ourselves.

The adjacent to change is the safety, health, future and prosperity of our children and Filipino youth. 

Change is not easy to do. But if we want change in our country, we have to do what is right and of course, abide to the law implemented by President Duterte.

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