Facebook will delete synced photos from your profile soon if users don't install the new app

To Facebook users, Facebook will delete all your photos or group of photos synced on your account or mobile devices that you already forgot about it. They maybe in your private synced or synced from phone album.

Facebook has a new app called Moments. The users is urge to install such apps in order to keep all your synced photos. 

But if you don't want the new apps, you can either download it into your computer or forced to install and transfer your photos before July 7.

Moments was launched last year June 2015. It still a photo syncing app but hassle free for the users to store and share photos without sending it via text or email. The users can quickly give photos and get their photos to friends who are tagged.

As we all know this is not the first time, 2 years ago Facebook removed Messenger in Facebook app, which the users are forced to install another app for chatting.

Some Facebook users already receiving an email which explains the deletion of their synced photos from their mobile devices if they fail to install the Moments app upon the said date.

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If it's a great one app then surely Facebook users don't have any problems with it and install it right away.

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