Duterte will match the bounty vs drug lords, pataasan kami ng presyo

Incoming-elect Rodrigo Duterte provoking his opponents that he can compete the bounty of the drug lords to assassinate him and other three government officials.

During the turnover ceremony at Davao City Police Office, Duterte said "No questions asked, pataasan kami ng presyo."

"If they put up P100 million, I will give you P150 million, slaughter them. I will be happy. I will give you promotion on the spot, from PO1 [Police Officer 1] to General agad."Duterte said.

Peter Co is a convicted drug lord, currently imprisoned at the New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City. Co is one of the drug lord that contributes to the bounty in exchange for the head of Duterte, which reportedly went up to high as P1 billion.

Duterte wants to reimpose the death penalty, which preferably by hanging in the public places.

"Pinaglalaruan ang mga Pilipino that is why I am asking for re-imposition of death penalty so I can hang them," President Duterte said

"Yung 18 years old nire-rape, pinapatay, tapos sabihin nila na 'wag death penalty because inhuman. Ano pang mas inhuman sa ginawa nun? Drugs have reduced the human being, parang mga animal lang. 'Yan ang hindi naintindihan ng iba," Duterte said.

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