Duterte to Mining industry: 'stop destroying our land'

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President-elect Rodrigo Duterte in his thanksging party on Saturday night said it has to stop the large-scale mining destroying the environment and they must shape up.

"The problem with big mining companies is they are destroying our land ... mining people must shape up ... lahat ng malalaking miners must stop, they are despoiling our land." Duterte said in his supporters in Crocodile park in Davao City.

Duterte said that only the mining firm in Manila benefiting this and the small ones are losing.

Photo credit to the owner

"Ang masakit, pati mga moro people they are [pushed over to] the marginal side of business. This must change," he said.

He wants that the mining industry to be run like a cooperative of all Filipinos and he wants to be given priority to the poor in Mindanao.

"We will support them and give instruction on how to manage mining efforts without destroying the land in Mindanao". Duterte said.

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