Duterte to Media: they are the one corrupting the institution

On Mucha Uson Facebook account, she posted today her second interviewed with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte finally answered why he refused to be interview by media.

While journalists from commercial media outlets continue to wait with bated breath when President-elect Rodrigo Duterte will talk to them again, sexy star Mocha Uson managed to score a lengthy and exclusive interview with him inside the Malacañang of the South in Davao City.

He mentioned about sensationalism and making the story twist by the media.

Duterte in his interviewed cited some incidents on how ABS-CBN twisted the story. He said during the interview,  he was explaining the reasons why kept on cussing in making them understand his side. But later on to the reports, it conveyed another message to the public.

Duterte was fair to the media but it looks like media doesn't do same thing.

Another thing, when he talked about journalism. He narrated how the story has been different and when it appeared to the news. 

So here's the second part of Mocha’s exclusive interview with incoming President-elect  Duterte, might as listen as well for better understanding.

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