Duterte to Government workers "live the simple life and stop accepting money"

Incoming President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday pointed out the he never take money from mining companies or any business firms. Even Lucio Tan, a business tycoon. Duterte said he declined the offered money.

Duterte was in Saranggani Province attended the oath-taking of Senator Manny Pacquiao.

“I assure you that I never really accepted any money from any mining company. And even the big-time (firms) having contracts (with government). Lucio Tan for example offered money … I purposely avoided him. It (receiving money) is a bad practice,” Duterte said.

“Usually elections are … it’s difficult to be tied up."

During Duterte's speech, he admitted he did not take money to businessmen because he don't want to be compromised as a leader.

“Stop it now,” he said.

Duterte already stated before that he will stop mining industry.

President Duterte appointed Gina Lopez as the new Department of Environment and Natural Resources Secretary.

“Customs, you’re just like the BIR. On the side, you make money aside from your salaries, which you regard as your allowance. We should not fool each other anymore. Let’s be frank. Change your lifestyle, less expense. Maybe if you (used to) buy a car every other year, make it five years (from now on) and try to be just an ordinary government worker,” he said.

Duterte  said government worker live the simple life and stop accepting money.

Also, he said that he wants government workers to be honest whatever it takes.

“If you really want to help your country, now is the time that I am here. Just tell me everything. All that I ask of you is do not lie to me,” he said.

Senator-elect Manny Pacquiao announced his full support to President Duterte's programs.

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