Duterte to criminals: 'Hindi ka na kailangan matakot, talagang mamamatay ka'

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Friday, during his speech at the turnover of command ceremony of the Davao City Police. He warned again the criminals as he plans for the reimposition of death penalty in the country.

“Dito hindi ka na kailangan matakot. Talagang mamamatay ka. Because this part of the law says, this is retribution. Magbayad ka sa ginawa mo,” Duterte said.

Duterte said that there's already death penalty before but never implemented it, that's why criminals didn't scare off.

“Despite the fact that there is the death penalty law at that time, it never deterred the criminals from committing their acts. But of course, because they never implemented the law. Wala ngang pinapatay so paano sila ma-deter (No one was killed so how can it be deterred),” he said.

Duterte wants death penalty by hanging the criminals.

Duterte said death penalty to him is retribution, he said "Death penalty is magbayad ka sa ginawa mo sa buhay na 'to."

“That’s why I am asking for the reinstatement of the death penalty so that I can hang them,” he said.

He's also questioning others for that saying death penalty is 'inhuman'. Well in fact, children are being molested and raped.

“Dito, one-year-old, three months old, nire-rape pinapatay, anak ka ng—tapos sabihin nila huwag iyang death penalty kasi inhuman?” he said.

Duterte said death penalty implemented for heinous crimes such as rape, killings, kidnappings, plunder. Also, to suppressed the illegal drugs and crimes in the country.

“All that I asked of you is do your duty according to the law,” Duterte said.

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