Duterte to BIR and Customs "this time you have to change your lifestyle"

Incoming President elect Rodrigo Duterte urging the government employees to start changing their lifestyle because generation of Filipinos have already suffered.

Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Bureau of Customs (BOC) are the most corrupt agencies according to our President.

“Ang BIR, an institution known to be corrupt since time immemorial, kailangan huminto na kayo. Customs, for the longest time maganda ang buhay ninyo, not just the BIR. On the side, except your salary, meron kayong kinikita na parang allowance [bukod sa] suweldo [niyo],” Duterte said.

“This time you have to change your lifestyle, less expense. Maybe if you buy a car every other year, make it five years, and try to be just an ordinary government worker,” he added.

Duterte warned again the corrupt police officials to resign before he assume the office on June 30. Lately, Duterte already said this that police officials involved in drugs must resign or he will humiliate them, instead.

“There are about three generals who are really tainted with drugs. So sana, alam naman nila that before I really assume office, mag-retire na lang sila at meron pa silang matanggap; otherwise I will name them publicly and ask for their resignation in public,” Duterte said.

“We all have feet of clay. Tao lang tayo so may mga kasalanan din tayo. But, you know, making the people of the Republic of the Philippines your milking cow, mahirap ‘yan. Hindi ako sanay ng ganoon and I do not want it,” he added.

Duterte said he will fire anybody or putting somewhere else. If he knew anyone involved in corruption.

“All, whatever government agency, huwag na huwag [lang] talaga ako makarinig na may corruption. Even in a whiff of whisper, I will fire you or place you somewhere, mamili kayo… Mamili kayo because I will not hesitate really,” Duterte said.

Duterte also reminds three PNP officials that they must retire before he officially set his throne as President, if not, they will risk for humiliating.

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