Duterte: Sorry, no interviews until the end of my term

President Elect Rodrigo Duterte said there will be no interviews to avoid criticisms and wrong statements. 

Duterte said in a video posted on monday  by TV5 reporter France Nuguera
 “Di na ako talaga… sorry ha, talagang ano ako…boycott talaga...(I won’t grant interviews. Sorry. It’s really a boycott)." 

Asked until when he would stage his “boycott,” Duterte replied: 

“Until the end of my term.”

“Ah basta wala.  ayoko na (I don’t want to be interviewed anymore).”  “If there are interviews, there will be many mistakes, there will be many criticisms. So no interview, no criticism, no wrong statements, no nothing,” the incoming president said. “(I’ll) shut up. Ayoko na talaga (I really don’t want it anymore).” 

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