Duterte pushing 3-child policy

President -elect Rodrigo Duterte will reinstall 3 child policy and death penalty to improve the economic growth in our country and encourage the investors to come in.

On Monday during his last flag-raising ceremony as mayor of Davao City, Duterte pronounced that he will reinstall the program of Family planning.

“I will reinstall the program of family planning. Three—tama na ‘yan. So mga social workers, you must be proactive,” Duterte said, GMAnews qouted.

About 80 percent of the Philippines’ 100 million population are Catholics, the largest concentration of any Asian country and also the Catholic Church was the loudest voices that opposed the Reproductive Health Law which requires the government provides an universal access to contraception method, fertility control, and sexual education.
“Better shape up. Huwag na muna ‘yang simbahan. Away kami diyan eh. Noon pa ‘yan eh,” he said.

“I am not particularly referring to any Scripture or literature or whatnot. Those were written 3,000 years ago. Ano ba ang pakialam natin sa kanilang pinagsusulat?” he said.

Duterte has been known as a staunch critic of the Church. In earlier reports, he was quoted as saying that what the Bible teaches or what religion says is no longer relevant in today's society. 

"Parang hindi na totoo 'yun. Kwento lang 'yun," he said.

“If the situation of the country improves, it will also improve your quality in life. Just make this country peaceful and we will have investment coming in,” Duterte said.

He added, “Ang atin ay value ng ating economy. Ano ang worth mo sa economy? Is there any movement fast enough to sustain economic growth?”
Source: GMANews

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