Duterte: I am really dyed-in-the-wool 'probinsyano'

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday, he commented regarding the issue of his choices in his cabinets. He said he choose the people he truly trust.

During his speech, Duterte stated that people in Manila are judgmental. He said he appointed his classmates or old friends he met in schools and colleagues he already knew while in his service in Davao.

Duterte also said that most people knew Davao as a province and it is were he lived. He grew up as a 'Probinsyano'.

"Kayong taga-Maynila, do not be too..judgmental about a person. Itong si Duterte ang kinuha, mga kabarkada, kainuman at mga kasama. Look, I am really dyed-in-the-wool probinsyano. Nag-aral kami dito...Ang mga nakilala ko dito sa buhay ko mga taga-Davao. Hindi naman ako yinaya ng mga sosyal sa Maynila. Sabihin pa nga, wala kang alam sa economics," he said.

Another thing, Duterte jokingly invited businessmen to join his Cabinet, saying he was ready to create titles for them.

“If you want, I will hire you. Just raise your right hand,” he said.

Duterte chose Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre as the next justice secretary because he acquitted Hubert Webb in the Vizconde murder-rape case.

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