Dela Rosa "35 mayors involved in drug trade," I don’t care if you’re a mayor

Manila, Philippines - Incoming president elect Rodrigo Duterte vows to suppress against drug and criminality in our country, appointed incoming PNP Chief Ronald "BATO" Dela Rosa warned 35 mayors who  protect drug lord in their municipality that they will be treated like ordinary criminal.

Dela Rosa said "

“We will treat them like ordinary criminals. They committed a crime. I don’t care if you’re a mayor. You were elected using your drug money.''

“There would be no special treatment. How could you give someone a special treatment when he has committed a graver sin against the country because he was chosen as a mayor yet he has served as the drug lord in their area? He has committed a graver sin, right? So we would give you an ordinary criminal treatment? You might as well leave your post,” he said.

To strengthen the PNP to help in Duterte’s anti-crime drive, Dela Rosa said he would appoint 15 new regional directors who won’t be afraid to defy local officials who are coddling drug lords.

“Our drug problem worsened because many of our commanders are afraid to go against the drug lords. They say that they have the protection of the mayor, governor or congressman. I would assign people who won’t be afraid to go against the drug lords,” he said.

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