Davao City 911 Impressed business delegates

The business delegates were impressed after visiting the southern Philippine city’s Central 911 and Public Safety and Security Command Center in Davao City.

As President-elect Rodrigo Duterte's promised to make the country crime-free. More business leaders were encouraged and believed that the economy in the Philippines will prosper as Duterte as a newly elect President.

Guillermo Luz, chair of the National Competitiveness Council in his interview with ABS-CBN, he said “We’re so impressed…I get to see a lot of operations center around the world and this is impressive, very impressive.”

Business delegates inspected the mass casualty bus and several rescue vehicles such as 911 ambulances. A huge bus can carry 17 people. They also have a call center agents assigned 
to accept phone calls for emergencies and any problems.

At the command center, there were 190 surveillance cameras scattered in the city of Davao. 173 of which were dedicated for monitoring crimes and accidents and the remaining 17 for traffic management.

“For people in general, they want to feel they are safe. That in case of emergency, the government is able to respond quickly,” Luz said.

Peter Wallace of the Wallace Business Forum said, “When the president has said he wants crime resolved in 6 months, everybody sort of laughed at him and said it is not possible. Maybe it is not possible, but you’re gonna go a damn long way if you got this nationwide.”

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