CHR Gascon to Duterte: follow the Constitution and the law, not me

Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairman Chito Gascon on Tuesday interview in ANC, he said President-elect Rodrigo Duterte should just follow the Constitution and the law and they will be fine.

This was the prior statement of President-elect Duterte to CHR Chief Gascon. "Huwag na ninyong pakialamanan kung ilan ang patay diyan. Tsaka sabihin mo na: kung kilala ninyo si Gascon, baka kumpare ninyo, hindi ako susunod sa kanya. I will not. And let me be very blunt, if they kill upon my orders, akin yan. That's mine."

"Kung ang punto is sabihin sa kanya hindi siya susunod sa akin, actually he doesn't have to follow me. Sino ba naman tayo? Ang panawagan ko siguro is he just follow the Constitution and the law. And we'll be fine."Gascon reaction to Duterte.

Gascon comparing their role as a referee. They will going to meddle if they found a violation against human rights.

"Our duty as the Commission on Human Rights is to monitor and provide oversight on matters involving human rights and to speak truth to power. Essentially I have described it previously as a role of a referee. There are rules of the game and ultimately we need to abide by those rules and if you cross the line, we need to call you out." Gascon said.

Gascon said it shouldn't be him and Duterte the issue surrounds.

He mentioned he's still hopeful for a good relationship with the President.

"I hope this relationship might blossom into an engagement about rules, that we can work together on many issues, respect each other, and try to improve governance all around," Gascon said.

"So, message sent, received, and my reply is just follow the constitution and the laws of the land and we'll be okay. Period." He added.

Gascon said CHR now has a national task force on 
extrajudicial killings in anticipation of a possible rise in the number of such cases.

Previously, CHR and Duterte had already an issue. That Duterte violated the Magna Carta of Women over his remarks on the raping and killing of an Australian missionary.

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