BREAKING NEWS:Zamboanga Sibugay 11 cops face criminal raps for improper raid

According to the report, the case of Former Talusan Councilor Basilisa Lim-Llanos that has been killed during the one-time, big-time operation happened in Poblacion Talusan, Zamboanga Sibugay last December 8. Finally, the 11 police officers including a junior official who raided the operation, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) has recommended the filing of homicide and robbery cases against the cops.
After more than six months of investigation, the CHR recommended the filing against the 11 police officers of criminals and administrative cases.

CHR Regional Director Atty. Frederick Ian Capin said that his office finally a found strong evidence against the 11 police officers who committed lapses in the operational procedure in serving the search warrant.

Atty. Capin said the policemen failed doing the procedures needed before barging the house of Basilisa Llanos. They were not able to provide search warrant and identify themselves as law enforcers.

These were the list of the police officers who identified violate the law: Insp. Mackenly Mayomis, PO3 Roderick Flores, PO3 Noel Vesperas, PO3 Mike Heres, PO1 Lloyd Demar Gabule, PO1 Evan Pino, PO1 Florian Dandana, PO1 Mikko Anthony Mercado, PO1 James Francisco, PO1 Timoteo Melchor and PO1 Earl John Canones.

Two persons have been killed during the separate shootout operation, Basilisa Llanos and Edris Mohammad.

The case Sr. Supt. Romulo Cleve Taboso, the provincial director of Zamboanga Sibugay police; Supt. William Gadayan, the commanding officer of Zamboanga Sibugay Public Safety Company; Supt. Madzgani Mukarram; Supt. Kenneth Mission; and Insp. Erwin Abrasado have been excluded in th case. Because according to Atty. Capin they were not part of the raiding team.

Atty. Capin said the rule of command responsibility cannot be applied in this case since there was no evidence to prove that these supervising police officials ordered the raiding team to engage and fire back at the Llanos' couple.

The policemen will face dismissal if proven guilty.

Atty. Capin also recommended the filing of administrative cases against the 11 policemen before the Office of the Ombudsman.

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