An open letter to CBCP:"Bakit kailangan i-pagsaksakan sa lalamunan ni Pres Duterte si Robredo, ang isang cheater?"

An open letter has been circulating online against Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) and Catholic Bishops for interfering in government affair.

On Friday, Archbishop Rolando Tirona called on President-elect Rodrigo Duterte to set aside political differences by giving Vice President-elect Leni Robredo a chance to serve and prove her worth in his Cabinet.

With regards to this issue, a netizen named Gie Martin posted in her Facebook expressing her thoughts and criticizing the Catholic church for being blind for the allegations of cheating last election. She stated the the true Vice President is actually Bongbong Marcos. That the church should be more focused on spreading the word of God rather than meddling in government issues.

Earlier, President-elect Duterte said that he will not be appointing Vice President-elect Leni Robredo to any Cabinet post.

Read below the full statement of Gie Martin:

I try my best not to attack the Catholic Church and its organizations out of respect to their faith & God but there are times that I feel there is a need to put my foot down and say, enough is enough!

Bakit ba lagi nalang nakikialam ang Simbahan Katoliko?? Bakit kailangan i-pagsaksakan sa lalamunan ni Pres Duterte si Robredo, ang isang cheater? Yup, cheater; mandaraya. Cos that's what she is. Why would the Church insist on someone who cheated her way into the vice presidency and please don't say later on that you people esp her, were not aware that there was cheating going on! All the evidences were there, complete with witnesses.

I find the Church so hypocritical. Just because the REAL winner of the VP position happens to be a Marcos, they will consent to widespread cheating. BBM who has worked so hard to make laws that will benefit us and the country; whose advocacy was to unite us all. Just because the Aquinos and their party continue to accuse his father, of being a dictator; human rights violator; someone who has stolen from the nation's coffer. But hey, didn't the Aquinos do the same thing and far worse at that with the Trillions that Noynoy siphoned from the kaban ng bayan?? CBCP, why not check with the CHR and find out the gross violations of human rights under BOTH Aquinos surpassed that of the Marcos Administration as well as everything else. Yet you refused to acknowledge that and will still continue to carry on the farce by nominating Cory Aquino to be canonized.

The Church should involve itself in bringing it's brethren closer to God; in getting to know Him more; in making the Bible come alive in their lives. It has no business meddling in State affairs.

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