Mystica is now supporting Rodrigo Duterte

Mystica, a singer, recently got viral video who lashed out presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte after urging Filipinos not to vote to Mayor. Now, she said that she's now a supporter of the President.

In her interview in Thursday, Mystica confessed that aside from her escalation of bashers she also received death threat.

One of the message was, "“We know where you are. Isang bala ka lang.”"

Because of this her personal life has been affected as well as her source of living.

“I was receiving P250,000 a month. Dahil dito, nawala lahat. But I am ready now. I am back, but with nothing. I am back with zero.”Mystica said.

On the other hand, she said that 3 weeks before the election last May 9. Her thoughts has been changed because of a dream.

“Noong gabing iyon, akala ko tatay ko ang mapapanaginipan ko. It was Duterte! I gave him a big hug, but it was not an ordinary hug,” she said.

In addition, “Nag-research na ako sa YouTube kung ano ba talaga ang points kung bakit nakukuha niya ang pulso ng masa.”

“I'm going to support him all the way — kahit anoman ang kapalit. Kung i-give up ko ang aking career, o i-give up ko ang pamilya ko,” Mystica said.

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