Liquor Ban Nationwide as what Duterte's plan: Spokesman

Davao: Philippine elect President Rodrigo Duterte is considering a liquor ban nationwide according to his spokesperson Peter Laviña.

During a press conference with the media and ABS-CBN News, Laviña said that it is part of Duterte’s plan to get rid of unlawful acts.

Duterte planned to duplicate the city ordinance in Davao that prohibits the selling of liquor after 1 am in any public places or establishment like bars. 
High-end Davao hotels are exempt from the liquor ban, he said.

He added that people are not forbid to drink as long as it is inside their homes even after 1:00 am.

"The curfew is primarily for minors unescorted minors, past 10 p.m. It does not include minors with their parents or guardians. This is to make sure that our children are in their homes, sleeping already, preparing for the next day in school," Laviña said in the interview.

"The reason he has this liquor ban because we have to work the next day. Nothing to do with denying us our freedoms. When you go home, you can drink to you heart's content in the privacy of your homes," he said. 

Liquor ban implemented in Davao City because it is the main reasons for road accidents and crimes.

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