IT expert dares COMELEC to open central database

Glenn Chong, an information Technology (IT) expert from the advocacy group Automated Elections System (AES) called the COMELEC attention to allow independent IT experts to examine its central database about the discount irregularities of poll for the May 9 elections.

 “Kami ay nanawagan sa Comelec na buksan yung system and platform para ma-audit ito ng independent experts. Hindi po sapat yung sinasabi ng Comelec na ipapakita nila sa atin yung original script at yung binagong script. Any IT expert will not accept that,” Chong said.

Chong explained that that a change in script, which in turn causes a change in the server’s hash code, does not prove any irregularity in the counting of votes.

“Changes in the hash code will not tell you cheating. It can only show that there were changes, so it’s just a tell tale sign. But there can be no proof [of cheating] until you examine the packet data of the NOC,” Chong said.

Chong, however, clarified that he is not representing Marcos and was just presenting his data to the meida as an independent IT expert. He, however, admitted that the senator’s camp called him to seek his opinion on the matter.

In a press conference on Friday, Comelec’s systems provider Smartmatic likewise assured that the change in the server’s script did not affect the tally of votes, particularly the in the vice presidential race.

“Ang tanong ko sa Comelec, ano ang overriding necessity, ano ang pinakamabigat na dahilan why you would risk the integrity of the entire election system into doubt para lang palitan mo ang character? I cannot understand that reasoning,” Chong said.

Chong said an audit of the Comelec’s Network Operating Center (NOC) or central database is the only way to prove that the counting of votes was not affected by the change in the script.

Chong explained that it is in the NOC where all the changes and incident reports in the server were supposedly logged.

Source: GMA network

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