Girls Must Read! Try These 10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Boyfriend Inlove With You

This article will guide you on how to keep your boyfriend for more than 10 days. Be reminded that this will not work in all situations, but generally would.

1. Avoid being too jealous

If you really love your man, you have to trust him until he gives you the reason not to. It is really
annoying to have a jealous girlfriend, allow him to have a 'girl' friend, just like the old saying "you can look, but don't touch" same goes for you. There is no need to spy and investigate what he does, just trust him.

2. Don't whine

It is hard for guys to have a girl that often whines, whining is really annoying for them. Whining doesn't make you hot.

3. Don't ever talk about your ex

Just like the same you don't want to hear about his ex girlfriend, never talk about your ex.

4. No obsessive calling

It is ridiculous to call him more than twice a day, one call is definitely enough. Just wait for his call, it'll make him think of you, and that means he actually wants to talk to you. And don't think that just because he doesn't talk much on the phone sometimes, means he doesn't like you, he could just be BUSY. 

5. Never say 'I Love You'
Never say the words 'I Love You' if you are not absolutely sure about your feelings. This is NOT something you say in the first days/weeks of the relationship.

6. Don't plan your future

Guys get freaked out by this so do not start talking about your guy's "future together". He will be the one to open the topic if he's ready.

7. Don't jump into sex.
Don 't rush, let sex remain a mystery for a little while. Tease him instead make him want you even more.

8. Hang out with other people

Don't expect and obliged him to spend his time with you, he does have friends, and so do you. Hang out with them and don't keep him from hanging out with his.

9. Don't ever try to change him! 
Accept who really is, if you don't like him or a certain attitude of his, then PEACE OUT!

10. Be friendly with his friends
It is important to make friends with his friends to gain their 'approval', it is a big sense of security for guys.

Source: WikiHow 
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