Duterte warned NAIA against TANIM BALA - lahat kayo umalis

Duterte warned the policemen involved in NAIA "tanim-bala or bullet- planting" issue.

There's this viral video now circulating in social media about the interview of  presumptive Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

A press conference broadcasted in TV station owned by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, which is the Sonshine Media Network International.

Duterte strongly said during interview "Kayong nasa NAIA pag may tanim pa dyan lahat kayo umalis." That he didn't even care either the Chief of Office knows about it or not.

As Duterte has been said before  that  he would let perpetrators swallow bullets as punishment. That he would let them swallow bullets even if it means death. The mayor added that in Manila, even the police are being bribed.

As we all know tanim-bullet was a huge issue and dilemma in Ninoy Aquino International Airport later part in 2015. 

Duterte, known for his hardline stance against crime, he has been tagged by international rights organizations to have a hand in human rights violations in Davao City.

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