Duterte to all Drug addict: Free rehabilitation

In a "small talk" Duterte said to her supporters in Davao City, a message President Duterte to drug addicts. He will give them 3 days to change or leave the country, Kung di daw nila gustong mawala, magparehab na daw sila at ibibigay niya ito ng libre.

He added that the program was for the poor and for the rich. He will do in his leadership will do what is right. 

'Bahay Pag-asa'
There are around 40 drug rehab centers, government- and NGO-run, that are accredited by the Department of Health.
Gabato says there are other drug rehab centers in Davao City, but many poor families opt to admit their loved ones here because there is no charge. Private rehab facilities can be very pricey. -according to rappler

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