While everyone is busy voting, excited to know who will be our next leaders, and before we have a newly-elected president, I like to take this moment to thank our president, Noynoy Aquino (P-Noy), for the past six good years of your dedication, service, and love for our country. Thanks for giving me six years of confidence that the most influential person in my land of birth is genuine and not corrupt. Thanks for the superb economic growth and stability of our mother land. Thanks for making the bonds between the Philippines and the other countries better that brought a lot of opportunities for my countrymen to earn money. Thanks for upgrading our defense. Thanks for making me proud that my president is someone like you. Thanks for upgrading the educational system as well. Thanks for saving Mary Jane Veloso (Indonesia Drug Mule) from the fire squad of the Indonesians. Thanks for the democracy. Thanks for your undying patience to all your haters. Thanks for your sleepless nights. Thanks for your humility. Thanks for being our president. I am sorry if some of my countrymen cannot see your worth and excellence, maybe they think that they can do better or just expressing their ignorance. In this country with undisciplined people, six years is not enough to resolve everything. You may not be perfect, may be unable to resolve all the issues here in our country, may not be able to do all your promises and plans, but at the end of your term, I would like you to know that you're just a man - getting sick, getting tired, making mistakes; but that doesn't matter, we are not expecting a superhero. You have done your best and for me, President Aquino, you are truly an excellent leader, you may not be the best but definitely you are not the worst. You are undeniably deserving to be recognized until the end of time. Salamat Mister president, you can now rest, enjoy yourself, and be free. May God bless you more!

PS: To my countrymen, let's get real, President Aquino have been so good and he deserves a thank you. If you don't like him, make sure you are better than him.

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