Affidavit signed by Trillianes, the Senator also revealed that a “Joseph De Mesa” gave the bank info of Duterte

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Sen. Trillianes signed affidavit was posted on social media by the Netizens.
According to the affidavit an alleged ex supporter of Mayor Duterte named “Joseph De Mesa” gave the confidential bank records of the Davao City Mayor to the camp of Sen. Trillianes.
Joseph De Mesa said that he withdrew his support to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte after seeing the documents that the Davao City Mayor maintained numerous bank accounts where hundreds if not billions of pesos were deposited/transferred over the years.
Sen. Trillianes asked the help of accountants and finance specialist to tally and figure out just how much money was actually deposited and transferred into the subject bank accounts. Their final tally shows that a total of 2 Billion pesos flowed into the bank accounts from 2006-2015.
After the Senator filed an affidavit, the camp of Mayor Duterte is now planning to file a case against the Senator to prove that his accusation is wrong.

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