9 easy ways in styling your Hair

They say woman's hair is her crowning glory. Anywhere girls go, they takes time styling their hair. So, here's below an easy way styling your hair even your in a hurry, you still look fab.

Romantic knot

Take small strands of hair from the sides and fix them with an elastic at the back of your head. Turn them over to make a twist. Take a strand of hair directly under the tail and put it in a braid. Twist the braid around the tail, and fix it with a pin. 

Double bun

Gather the hair from the top of your head into a small bun. Then take the side strands a little bit lower down and make the second bun. 

Elegant knot

Divide your hair into two equal tufts and make two tails. Divide each tail into two and twist the strands. Put two plaits in a knot.

A bun with braids

Take small sections of your hair from both sides and put them in braids. Gather the braids into a tail and twist them into a bun. Fasten it with pins.

Romantic headband hairstyle

Place a headband over your head and wrap your hair under it. Twist the side sections of your hair and wrap them over the bun.

Exquisite tail

Gather your hair into a low ponytail. Put your hair into thin braids on the sides and cross them at the back of your head. Pin the braids and tie your ponytail with clear elastics.

Pretty hair bow

Put on a headband and wrap the side strands of your hair around it. Then take a strand under the headband and make a ponytail, but do not pull the entire strand out when making the tail. Divide the bun into two sections to make a bow and fix it with pins. Shape your bow carefully. Take a strand from the tail and wrap it over the middle of the bow. Fix the hairstyle with pins and hairspray. 

Neat bun

Make a ponytail, gathering the hair from the top of your head. Put on a hair bun and wrap your hair around it. Fix the bun with an elastic. Put the ends into thin braids and wrap them around the bun. Fasten it with pins. You are gorgeous!

Elegant twists

Make a low ponytail and fix it with an elastic. Using your fingers, make a hole through your hair over the elastic and topsy tail it. Now gather the side strands of your hair, fix, and topsy tail them.

Credit: Hair Romance

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